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There are various types of quiz such as a Supper Quiz where everybody sits on tables of between 8 and 12 and eats before an 8 round quiz, with a break for dessert/cake after the fourth round. There is also a marathon round, such as solving anagrams, which can be answered at any time but needs to be handed in at the interval. Where required, I bring a colleague with to help mark the papers.


Then there is the pub style quiz where people sit on tables of 4-8 with snacks and, perhaps, a pub supper. The rounds are similar to the Supper Quiz but the tables mark each other’s papers. It is all less formal and can be easier to sell tickets to as the tables are smaller.


Family quizzes tend to be more pub quiz in style. The rounds consist of questions, some of  which can be answered by the younger contestants and some of which would only be answerable by the adults. They are light hearted and tend to involve more music and visuals than normal quizzes.


I can also organise sport quizzes, music quizzes or other themed quizzes based on the above 2 formats.


Ticket prices are very much dependent upon what food you are offering. Most of the quizzes that I host start from £8 and go all the way up to £45 per head. Food ranges from snacks, just desserts (you can start later which is good for babysitters etc) to fish & chips delivered from the local chippy or shepherd’s pie and two veg made by the school caterers or volunteers in the school kitchen. The staff/volunteer involvement is to sell the tickets, set the hall up with tables and any decorations and to arrange the prizes and then sell a raffle etc.


My charges, dependent on exactly what is required, are extremely reasonable. I look forward to hearing from you.

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